European Football Championship startsonJune 10 and also the upcoming Thirty days France, could be the core of the world.

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Thisis the very first Europe tournament with 24 Teams, France isplaced in group A in addition to Switzerland, Romania and Albania.
Group A: French are favorites, Albanians and Swisswill play for that secondplace!
The team with coach Didier Deschampsis the widely used, notonly for winning first place inside the group, butalso the EP!
Thereis no doubtthat french hasqualities to win the trophy, however some players are younger and lack of experience in big internationalcompetitions.

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Top players are Paul Pogba, Antoine Griezmann, AntonijaMarsijala, DemetriusPaje, BlaiseMatuidija, which can be capable of individualqualitylead the team to success.
Pogbais star of this team in our thoughts despitefact he gotinternationalexperiencerecently with Juventus playingChampions League he do not prove not yet been a leader or eventually the person from the match in suchkind of competitions.
The French havetwicewon the European Championship the first time in 1984, after which 2000, and ontwooccasionstheywerefourth (1960 and 1996).
Coach: Didier Deschamps
The star of the team: Paul Pogba
Picking a Switzerlandis made up mostly of playerswho are originally from your Balkans, you start with the coach Vladimir Petkovic, whohas a Croatian-Bosnianroots.
The team players come mostly from Kosovo and Metohija, Albania, Macedonia.
These are GranitXhaka, whorecentlymovedfrom M�nchengladbach to Arsenal for 35 millioneuros, then D�erdanShaqiri, ValonBehrami, BlerimDzemaili, HarisSeferovic, and crept towards the originatingChilean Ricardo Rodriguez, aswellasTurkey�sErenDerdiyok.
For that Swissthisis the fourthappearanceat the championships of the OldContinent, and their best resultwas 11th devote 2008.
Coach: Vladimir Petkovic
Star of the Team: GranitXhaka
Selector Angel Jordaneskusignificantlyrejuvenated team, and despitefactsthatwewillnotsee big nameslike in the past (Mutu and Cristian Chivu as an example), Romania players remain regular players in main competitions.
By far the mostexperienceddefenderisRazvan, Gabriel Torso aswell with 49 appearances.
Others internationalplayers are Kirike� Vlad, whoplays for Napoli, goalkeeperCiprianTatarusanu, wasat Fiorentina, hiscolleagueCostelPantilimon�sgoalkeeper of Watford.
Thisishisfifthappearanceat the EuropeanChampionships and the best resultswereachieved in 2000, whentheywereeliminated within the quarterfinals.
Coach: Angel Jordanesku
The star of the team: Vlad Kirike�
This team should be an outsider notonly for that 1st round but for the tournamentitself.
The c's includes playerswhohave a lotofinternationalexperience.
CaptainLorik Cana hasspenthisentirecareer within the big Europeanclubs. He wasbrought to Paris Saint-Germain, and isstillplayed for Marseille, Sunderland, Galatasaray, Lazio, and nowdefends the shades of Nanta.
Others players with goodinternationalexperience are ErmirLenjani, Etrit Berisha, Elseid HISAJ, ArlidAjeti, MergimMavraj and TalantD�akabut the harder addedvaluewill come from italiancoach De Biasi.
Coach: Gianni De Biasi
The star from the team: Lorik Cana

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